PCB Market is a best marketing platform to serve customers and electronics related merchants.
It helps customers save money when making purchase online.
In the meantime, it helps merchants reach more customers and sales.

Customers visit PCB Market to make their final decision about which PCB & PCBA manufacturer to choose.
PCB Market is a multivendors comparing platform with high-quality customers and wide coverage of targeting countries.

PCB Market contains information related to all aspects of electronics and associated vendors.

Our features
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Target audience
Access to the target audience - supply managers, electronic engineers or hobbyists
Over 10000 visits
  • 10000+ Users/Month
  • 350+ Users/Day
Effective advertising tools
For online services
  • Online Quote Form: PCB, FPC, PCBA, Stencils
  • Online Promotion Area - for promocodes and deals.
  • Form for quotations (in the development)
  • Personal Account
For PCB and PCBA services
  • A landing page in our directory where you can place goods and services.
  • Banners on the main page with link for your site
  • Price list form for online quote (in the development)
  • Form for quotations (in the development)
  • Personal Account
Our key partners
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Our plans
Your services will look brilliant.
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for month
More than 1,500 clicks in a month

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Get 30% discount!
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